You’ve Asked. We’ve Listened.

At this time, we are pleased to announce online ticketing, lower rates and more trips per package. Tickets can now be purchased online. The new online ticketing will make purchasing bus tickets both quicker and easier.

We’ve also lowered our one-way, round trip and package prices and increased the trips in our packages to coincide with the U.S. Department of the Interior Transportation Subsidy Program. With our new realigned pricing and trips, our D.C. commuters won’t have additional out-of-pocket expenses to commute. The new packages will utilize a multi-ride pass with a QR code for added convenience.

Key Features

  • New Online ticketing
  • Lower rates & more trips per package.
  • Expanded Fleet

New Pricing and Packages

One Way Tickets
Old Price $55
New Price $15

Round Trip Tickets (Day Pass)
Old Price $55
New Price $30

20 Trip Package

32 Trip Package

New 42 Trip Package

All tickets are good for 30 days.

The 1-month ticket is a flat rate ticket, no deduction or reimbursement will be given. The conductor will put the month & year on the ticket. Once the month on the ticket is passed the ticket is void. This ticket will be offered at a reduced rate, to give the riders that ride our commuter service every day a discount. The month ticket may only be used by one person. Payment Methods: Cash, Check, Transbend Checks, SmartTrip Cards The first two seats on the door side of the bus are reserved for the conductor and the assistant conductor. Open Seating on all Buses. Purchase your commuter tickets over the phone when it is convenient with your schedule. Call Megan 800-777-6902 or 540-898-6959 to purchase your commuter tickets over the phone quickly & easily using your credit / debit card. (Visa, MC & Am Express accepted.)