NCW Fredericksburg tickets can be purchased on the bus from the conductor. The first two seats on the door side of the bus are reserved for the conductor and the assistant conductor.

Morning RouteConductor/Assistant ConductorEvening RouteConductor/Assistant Conductor
DC 1 AMWanda SawyerDC 1 PMVeronica Scott
DC 2 AMBobbie HinsonDC 2 PMKevin Clore
DC 3 AMKevin CloreDC 3 PMEllen Fields
DC 4 AMEllen FieldsDC 4 PMJason Yusko
DC 5 AMNakissa YoungDC 5 PMJeffrey Crouch
DC 6 AMLola MalloryDC 6 PMBobby Hinson
DC 7 AMJoann EnnisDC 7 PMTracey Garrett
DC 8 AMTrish CopelandDC 8 PMSteven Kovalick