National Coach Works/Martz Commuter Update

It is with sincere regret that we are announcing, significant changes and reductions in the commuter schedule for National Coach Works, effective Friday, May 1, 2015.   These changes/reductions are being made for multiple reasons, as follows:

  • Transit subsidy reduction remains in place with no projection for its return to the previously higher levels.
  • Continued decline in ridership due to the subsidy reduction and the opening of the HOT lanes from Virginia.
  • New restrictions on bus/coach travel in Crystal City due to changes in the Arlington County Metro Way program.   We will no longer be able to use many areas of Crystal City currently being serviced by our commuter buses.

Based upon the reasons noted above, we are making the following changes on May 1st:

  • Elimination of Crystal City runs – DC1 a.m., DC3 a.m., DC2 p.m., and DC6 p.m.
  • Combining DC4 a.m. and DC6 a.m., and combining DC3 p.m. and DC4 p.m.
  • Removing Union Station as a stop from our p.m. schedule.
  • Removing the Route 208 lot from our schedule.
  • Adding commuter stops to all runs.
  • Removing DC10 from the schedule and creating a run that services Army/Navy & Fern and Pentagon Bus Bay L5.

The new schedules are attached to this letter for your review and use starting on May 1st.

We know that these changes may not be popular; however, we have delayed making further reductions in service for quite some time. In order for our organization to remain viable and remain in the commuter market, these changes are absolutely necessary.

Thank you for your consideration and understanding in this matter.


Morning Schedule

Morning Routes
(M – F)
Rte 3, Salem Church Rd, VA4:354:454:555:305:405:455:456:15
Rte 17 & Falls Run Dr, VA4:504:555:105:455:556:006:006:30
Rte 610 North Lot, VA5:055:105:206:006:106:156:156:45
Army Navy & Fern St, VA5:505:556:106:557:007:057:057:40
S Fern St & S Rotary, VA6:116:567:06
Pentagon Bay L5, VA6:00
Virginia Ave & E St.NW, DC (State Dept)6:126:127:077:127:53
20th & E St.NW, DC6:146:157:097:147:54
20th & I St.NW, DC6:166:177:147:177:57
19th & F St. NW, DC7:227:36
19th & K St.NW, DC7:197:32
18th & K ST. NW, DC7:187:31
17th & K St.NW (Farragut Sq), DC6:176:207:177:237:307:218:01
15th & K St.NW (McPherson Square), DC 6:186:227:147:257:277:238:03
14th & C St.SW, DC6:17
14th & K St. NW, DC7:268:06
14th & NY Ave.NW, DC6:32
13th & NY Ave.NW, DC6:206:247:277:278:07
13th & Pennsylvania Ave. NW, DC6:216:257:287:298:09
12th & G St. NW, DC7:107:24
12th & Pensylvania Ave. NW, DC7:097:23
10th & Pennsylvania Ave. NW, DC6:246:277:307:318:13
7th & Pennsylvania Ave. NW, DC6:276:307:337:338:17
12th & Independence Ave. SW, DC6:197:057:15
7TH & Independence Ave(Hirshorn), DC6:296:327:367:358:19
7th & Independence Ave. SW(DOT), DC6:22
10th & Constitution Ave. NW, DC6:24
12th & Constitution Ave.NW, DC6:267:077:18
14th & Ronald Regan BLDG., DC6:30
8th & H St. NW, DC6:35
5th & H St. NW, DC6:40
4th & Independence SW, DC6:43
400 1st St. NW, DC6:47
E & North Capital St., DC6:50
L' Enfant Plaza, DC (10th & Independence)6:316:357:387:368:20
12th & Independence Ave, DC6:336:377:407:388:22
14th & Independence Ave, DC6:397:427:398:23

Evening/Noon Schedule

Evening/Noon Schedules
(M – F)
Virginia Ave & E St. NW, DC3:073:454:204:454:506:1512:30
20th & E St. NW, DC3:093:474:224:474:526:18
20th & I St.NW, DC3:113:494:254:514:556:2112:33
17th & K St. NW, (Farragut Sq), DC3:143:524:294:585:036:26
15th & K St. NW,(McPherson Square), DC 3:173:554:315:005:056:2912:37
13th & NY Ave.NW, DC3:203:584:365:055:106:3312:39
13th & Pennsylvania Ave. NW, DC3:244:024:405:116:3712:43
12th & Pennsylvania Ave.NW, DC5:08
10th & Pennsylvania Ave. NW, DC3:254:034:415:126:39
7th & Pennsylvania Ave. NW, DC3:274:054:435:125:146:4012:44
E & North Capital St., DC3:32
400 1St st NW, DC3:35
4th & Independence SW, DC3:41
7th & Independence Ave SW,(Hirshorn), DC3:294:475:175:186:4212:45
7th & Independence SW,(Glass Pyramid)DC3:45
6th & G ST. NW, Dc3:49
8th & H St. NW, DC3:55
14th & G ST. NW, (Metropolitan Sq), DC3:57
14th & Pennsylvania Ave. NW, DC4:01
L'Enfant Plaza, DC(Independance & 10 st)3:314:094:485:185:206:44
14th & Independence Ave. SW, DC4:04
12th & Independence Ave. SW, DC4:05
14th & C, SW, DC3:334:114:505:205:216:4512:50
Pentagon Bay L5, VA4:155:26
Army Navy & Fern St., VA3:454:174:184:554:255:255:356:5012:55
Rte 610 North Lot, VA4:505:205:155:455:256:206:307:4514:00
Rte 17 & Falls Run Dr, VA5:205:355:306:055:406:356:458:0014:20
Rte 3, Salem Church Rd, VA5:355:505:456:205:556:457:008:1514:40


NCW provides commuter service from the Fredericksburg area to various points within Washington DC. NCW is also contracted with MTA to provide service on the 705 and 715 MTA Routes from Southern Maryland to Washington DC



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