Things You Should Know
When Chartering a Bus

What separates Martz Group from the competition?

Our company stands out from our competition because of our Experience and Reputation –100 years speaks for itself. We are a large organization with 250 motor coaches and nearly 500 employees from Wilkes-Barre, Pa to Florida.

Training: We require our drivers to have a minimum of 168-hours of training and continually retrain and refresh their driving skills throughout the year. We also train our drivers in customer service. Our drivers must also wear a uniform and must uphold a code of professionalism at all times.

Safety: We have a Safety Director and Training staff. Their efforts result in a Safety Rating of “Satisfactory” as reported by the Department of Transportation, which is the highest ranking a company can achieve. Our Department of Defense rating is “1”, which again is the best rating in the industry.

Reliability: We have mechanics that are on duty 24-hours a day/7-days a week/ and 365-days a year. Therefore, if a problem should arise, the mechanics are there to address the problem in a timely manner. The risk of being stranded along the road is minimal. They also run each bus through the wash-bay and inspect each bus after each trip to ensure that it is clean, safe, and sound.

Customer Service: As noted above, our drivers are trained in customer service. They are reminded daily how important our customers are to us. Safe, Reliable and Courteous service is our motto.

Our dispatch office is open approximately 18-hours a day which ensures increased communications between drivers, mechanics, customers, etc if any problems may arise.

We also offer a well-experienced & knowledgeable Sales Department that handles all our customer’s needs with respect and professionalism to ensure a smooth travel experience regardless if it is a charter or an excursion.

What is the bus company selling, i.e. charters, tours, sightseeing, group trips, packages, etc.?

Martz National Coach Works offers charter services, preformed excursions, retail packages, custom packages, and individual Broadway ticket sales.

Who are our customers?

Our customer base consists of schools, college and university groups, senior groups, religious groups, military moves, children’s camps, professional sports teams, bus banks, tour operators, and individuals.

What is a bus company's DOT number?

A Department of Transportation number is assigned by the U.S. Government and is required to operate legally.

The US DOT number for Martz, Wilkes-Barre is 38186. You can also utilize our company’s DOT on the SAFER Web website at to view our company’s safety performance over the past 24-months.

What is Martz's DOT Safety Rating?

Our Safety Rating is “Satisfactory” as reported by the Department of Transportation. This is the best rating possible in the industry.

What is Martz's DOD Safety Rating?

Out Safety Rating is “1” as reported by the Department of Defense. Again, this is the best rating possible in the industry.

How much insurance do bus companies carry?

Martz carries $10 million in liability insurance, which is twice the industry standard. A copy of our Certificate of Insurance is available upon request.

What is the size of the Martz fleet of buses?

Martz Group has a total of over 220 motorcoaches. Overall charter fleet size is important. It provides a gauge to the operator’s ability to supply alternate vehicles in the event of a mechanical problem, for multi-bus movements, on weekends, or during peak seasons.

What size buses does Martz Have?

Martz has 55/56-passenger buses in our fleet to be able to accommodate different group sizes. 

What amenities do your buses have?

Our buses are equipped with the most modern amenities. We have WiFi access from our coaches, DVD player, restroom, overhead storage for carryon items, large luggage bays underneath the coach, reclining seats and footrests, and of course Air Conditioning and Heat controls.

Can we bring food or beverages on the bus?

Yes, food and beverages are both allowed on the bus. We just ask that no glass bottles be used on board for safety purposes.

How do I request a price quote for Martz charter service?

We offer quotes online. Select “Request a Charter” and fill out our request form.  A Martz representative will get in touch with you regarding your plans.

What other services does Martz offer?

We offer trip planning advice and suggestions. Just ask if you need any help!